A wild lecture hall and research station

Founded in 2011, Inside Passage Field Studies is a nonprofit organization offering university-level courses in the forests, oceans and towns of America’s largest national forest. We operate from a research station on Prince of Wales Island and offices in Wrangell. It is our mission to foster first-hand learning about the ecological and human dimensions of southern Southeast Alaska.

With Inside Passage, you will achieve a hands-on understanding of ecology, natural history, geography, policy, and community through extended sea kayak expeditions and land-based explorations.

Rigorous undergraduate academics focus on the development of a sense of place and passion for civic engagement and a sound knowledge of the Pacific Coastal Ecoregion. Students are empowered to explore their surroundings with curiosity and compassion and to reach out as active and informed citizens.

Listen to one course tell their story on Alaska News Nightly.

Traveling by kayak through the Alexander Archipelago gives students the opportunity to build outdoor leadership and technical skills. Challenging lectures and assignments delve into topics ranging from island biogeography to contemporary forest management. Innovative curricula teach scientific curiosity and civic engagement in ways that students take home and practice, building a field studies experience into a springboard for professional growth.

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